Welcome to Zaitoon Higher Education Support Center

Welcome to Zaitoon Higher Education Support Center. If you want to avail Zaitoon support in higher education then fill the form below subject to fulfillment of conditions. Conditions:

  • 1. You must hold at least a BA Honors degree.
  • 2. Your IELTS score must be above 7.
  • 3. You must be a practicing Muslim.
  • 4. You have to promise to pay back the funding that is given to you later.
What support does the Zaitoon Higher Education Support Center provide:
  • 1. Al-Azhar, Madinah, Umm al-Qura including universities of the Arab world, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, etc. to provide scholarships.
  • 2. Short and long term loans/air tickets/house rent etc. if no scholarship is available.
  • 3. Providing any other support for higher education.

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